Tree and Shrub Pruning


Magnificent mature trees have more often than not benefited from proper care, pruning and protection by conscientious caretakers. If you want to preserve mature trees and shrubs in your landscape or nurture younger plants to optimal beauty, pruning is an essential practice.


Ahlum & Arbor’s primary goal is always the safety of your trees. Pruning is one of the most important practices to ensure safety, but proper pruning also preserves and enhances the health, structure and natural beauty of your trees and shrubs. The pruning services offered by Ahlum & Arbor are briefly outlined below.

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Safety pruning

Safety pruning eliminates a hazard by removing dead, diseased, broken or weak branches.


Corrective pruning

Corrective pruning selectively removes crossing or rubbing branches in the tree to help provide a strong, correct and healthy branch structure.


Structural pruning

Structural pruning is especially important for young trees to ensure development of an appropriate branch structure.


Crown thinning

Crown thinning selectively removes branches to increase light penetration and air circulation throughout the tree; thinning reduces the weight of large heavy branches to prevent breakage and retains the tree’s natural shape.


Crown restoration

Crown restoration improves appearance and branching structure after a tree has been damaged by a storm or incorrect pruning.


Cabling and bracing

Cabling and bracing provides support for trees with heavy long limbs or structural defects to help prevent breakage or splitting during storms and high winds.


Tree, shrub and stump removal

Tree, shrub and stump removal makes way for new plantings or improved site accessibility.


Lightning protection systems

Lightning protection systems can reduce damage from lightning strikes.


Large tree removal requiring a crane

Large tree removal requiring a crane should be done by professionals.


Proper care is an investment

Proper Care is an investment given the length of time it takes to grow replacement trees and shrubs. Some property owners with many trees prefer to have pruning completed annually; others may only need pruning every few years. The ISA Certified Arborists at Ahlum & Arbor can discuss options for your property.