Insect and Disease Management


Preventative treatments and responding promptly at the first indication of a problem is the key to protecting the health and vigor of your trees and shrubs. Ahlum & Arbor’s approach to insect and disease management includes the following steps:

Thorough site inspection

Each site visit by Ahlum & Arbor’s ISA Certified Arborists begins with a thorough site inspection to evaluate existing tree and shrub health conditions and emerging or potential problems.

insect spraying

Personalized care for your trees and shrubs

Ahlum & Arbor’s recommendations are customized for the specific needs of your unique trees and shrubs and the microclimate of your site. Ahlum & Arbor does not promote a particular program but instead diagnoses what your plants need to regain or maintain optimal health.

Treat only what’s needed

Ahlum & Arbor does not cover spray all trees and shrubs on the property; inspections are completed first and only the affected plants are treated.

Environmentally sensitive

Treating only the trees and shrubs that need applications saves money and does not add unnecessary chemicals to the environment.